Seasonal Allergies and your House

Seasonal Allergies and your Home

Seasonal Allergies and your Home

Back in March, we wrote “Allergy Proof your Home” Now coming into spring we are right at the start of seasonal allergies.

Seasonal allergies come with grass, pollen and mould. These three are the most common causes of allergies. If you suffer from allergies you will dread this time of year every year.

Finding then removing the source of allergies can be tricky, but the team at xchange air can really help.

Causes of Seasonal Allergies

  • Australia has experienced a very sunny winter and this will cause plants to pollenate early.
  • Plants love to pollinate when the nights are cold and the days are warm and sunny.
  • Pollen tends to peak in the early morning hours, often providing allergy sufferers with a miserable wake-up call.
  • Warm windy days spread the pollen far and wide.
  • Winter in Sydney has given us cold nights making us use our heaters more.
  • Closing up and heating our homes when it is cold outside can lead to condensation and mould issues. Our last blog discussed this very topic.
  • Mould can be growing in hidden areas around the home, under sinks, under homes.

Allergy Management and Treatment

Avoiding this time of year is impossible and aiming to minimize your exposure and symptoms is really the best way. Of course, there is a range of antihistamines and other ways to treat allergies. Ideally though if you can improve your environment (Home) this will give you the best outcome. Xchange Air has the knowledge and experience to ensure that you are living in a clean and healthy home environment.

Our obligation free assessment will show you how you can have:

  • Dry healthy air inputted into the home
  • Filtered clean air in your home
  • Control condensation, eliminate mould, mildew and odours
  • Relieve allergies and asthma
  • Reduced costs of heating and cooling
  • Reduce the fear of seasonal allergies

In conclusion – If you are looking to better manage the air quality in your home. Remove mould, mildew and condensation in your home. Relieve your family of the causes of allergies and asthma, speak to Xchange Air today.

Seasonal Allergies and your House

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