Keep water on the outside of your windows

Condensation control helps to stop mould in its tracks

How many days have you woken up in the winter and found your windows covered in condensation? Or been cooking up a storm beyond what your extraction fan can cope with.

Effective condensation control stop mould growth and keeps your home environment healthy.

By keeping the air in your home moving at a continuous rate, and keeping that air clean and dry, xchange air can reduce condensation and dramatically reduce the causes of mould development in your home.

Positive Input Ventilation

Keep condensation under control with positive input ventilation (PIV)

Positive input ventilation is a whole home system that keeps air moving from inside to outside. Fresh air is drawn into the roof space at a continuous rate, filtered to remove pollutants and allergens such as mould spores, and then diffused through the home at ceiling level.

As well as keeping fresh air continually moving through your home to keep the environment dry, a sensor monitors the temperature in the roof and boosts the air volume when the roof temperature exceeds a set level. This heat recovery mode helps to disperse hot air from the roof space throughout the home, reducing the demand for other heating systems. This is especially useful for users of log burning or gas heating systems, which can create extra moisture within the home.

In warmer months, if the roof temperature gets too high, the unit will switch to standby mode to avoid distributing extra heat into the home. The system is adaptable to suit your house size and responds to temperature changes within the home.

For units, apartments and homes with no roof space, we can also supply a whole home ventilation product which discharges into the central hallway, rather than using the roof cavity.

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home ventilation system

Dry your home and Keep it warm with our home ventilation system

Like positive input ventilation, our home ventilation system is a whole home ventilation system that brings air into your home, dries and filters it, and distributes it throughout the house. Our home ventilation system is also the only system available in Australia that can also heat the incoming air to create a consistent comfortable temperature in your home.


The continual flow of clean and dry air helps to eliminate condensation, and help you to prevent mould and mildew issues in the home. The two-pronged attack of filtering air to eliminate mould spores entering the home, together with maintaining a dry environment to control condensation means you can help your family to manage respiratory health issues.



Fresh, healthy air should be given for every home, but for many homes, an unhealthy environment can lead to a range of serious health problems. Home ventilation can help you to keep your family thriving.


Here’s some of our favourite reasons why home ventilation is the breath of fresh air your home needs: