Are summer temperature making you lose your cool?


Everyone loves summer. Longer days, beach and pool fun, warm nights. But what about when temperatures edge just that bit (or a lot!) too high and your home feels like a sauna? And let’s not even talk about trying to sleep when that heatwave strikes. Absolute torture. Thankfully, we can cool your home, and your frazzled nerves, with a range of home cooling solutions.


Everyone knows the basic physics that hot air rises. And that means that in summer, all that hot air can get stuck in your roof, turning your house into an oven. With our roof ventilator system, we use a thermostat to pump out hot air of both the house and the roof cavity once it reaches a certain temperature (so not only can you release the air in summer, but in winter you can keep that blanket of warm air inside the home). Book a free home assessment to find out more.


In summer, once the sun goes down, it can be cooler outside than it is inside your home. But unless that blessed southerly change comes through to blow out all the hot air, it can be hard to get the temperature down inside. That’s where our summer ventilation mode can help. The system draws in cooler evening air, filters and purifies it, and then pumps it into the hot rooms of your home overnight. It’s energy efficient and quiet passive cooling so you can sleep easy. Contact us for a home assessment to find out how this can help your home.


Home Ventilation Benefits

Home ventilation systems can be a powerful answer to your home’s cooling needs.

Here’s some of our favourite reasons why home ventilation is super-cool:


Roof ventilation is heat extraction from your roof space to make your home a more comfortable home to live in.

Why roof ventilation is important?

Roof Ventilation is important because it reduces the temperature inside the roof to make your home a more comfortable home to live in.


Is roof ventilation worth it?  Yes, in summer your roof can reach 70 degrees.  Powered roof ventilation can drop the roof temperature by up to 30 degrees and have make up to about a 6 degree difference inside your home.

Why does a roof need ventilation?  To remove the build up of heat.


Is roof ventilation necessary?  Yes because it reduces the amount of energy you use to cool your home. 

How does roof ventilation work? Roof ventilation is triggered by thermostats that read the temperature of the roof and once past a set point, turns on mechanically exhausts the heat until it comes back down past the set point. 


How does roof ventilation fan work? A roof ventilation fan is a mechanical fan designed to exhaust heat from your roof space. 


How do install roof ventilation?  Either a tile or tiles are removed, and the unit is installed.  Or a hole is cut in a metal roof and then the unit is installed and waterproofed. 


How much roof ventilation do i need?  Normally we look at between 10 to 20 air changes per hour. 


Does roof ventilations need power?  Yes, there are mains driven fans and also solar powered fans. 


Can roof ventilation be used in any roof? What are the limitations?  Yes, pretty much any roof can have it.  A solar powered roof ventilator can only be installed on a less than 30 degree pitch roof. 

What is proper roof ventilation?  Proper roof ventilation is mechanically driven fans to exhaust heat. 


What is best roof ventilation?  Mechanical fans or solar powered fans.


Roof Ventilation Options

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Can I install roof ventilation by myself?  Yes, the solar powered roof ventilators can be supply only and installed yourself.  Powered roof ventilation fans need to be installed by us.