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Are summer temperatures making you lose your cool?

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Everyone loves summer. Longer days, beach and pool fun, warm nights. But what about when the temperatures edge just that bit (or a lot!) too high and your home feels like a sauna? And let’s not even talk about trying to sleep when that heatwave strikes. Absolute torture. Thankfully, we can cool your home, and your frazzled nerves, with a range of home cooling solutions.

Solution One

Roof and Room Ventilators

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Everyone knows the basic physics that hot air rises. And that means that in summer, all that hot air can get stuck in your roof, turning your house into an oven. With our roof ventilator system, we use a thermostat to pump out hot air of both the house and the roof cavity once it reaches a certain temperature (so not only can you release the air in summer, but in winter you can keep that blanket of warm air inside the home). Book a free home assessment to find out more.

Solution Two

Summer Ventilation Kit

Roof Ventilation Sydney

In summer, once the sun goes down, it can be cooler outside than it is inside your home. But unless that blessed southerly change comes through to blow out all the hot air, it can be hard to get the temperature down inside. That’s where our summer ventilation mode can help. The system draws in cooler evening air, filters and purifies it, and then pumps it into the hot rooms of your home overnight. It’s energy efficient and quiet passive cooling so you can sleep easy. Contact us for a home assessment to find out how this can help your home.

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Home Ventilation Benefits


Home ventilation systems can be a powerful answer to your home’s cooling needs.


Here’s some of our favourite reasons why home ventilation is super-cool:

Controls condensation, eliminates mould and mildew, and reduces odours

Fresh, filtered air means a drier and healthier home

Helps control allergy and asthma symptoms by reducing triggers like pollutants, dust mites and mould spores

Options for almost every home – even those with no roof cavity

Better security – you can now keep your doors and windows locked

Sub floor ventilation prevents against termites and warping floor boards

Helps your air conditioning work more efficiently.

Fewer insects and parasites entering the home