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Shiver with delight, not with cold

Sydney home heating solutions


No one likes feeling like their home is a refrigerator during the winter months. And let’s be honest, most Sydney homes aren’t built for being cosy in winter – they’re built for open-plan, bring the outdoors in living. But the good news is that xchange air have a selection of Sydney home heating solutions to keep your home warm, dry and comfortable during winter.

Solution one: Ducted air conditioning

ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning can give you the ultimate control over heating your whole home, especially when used in combination with a system like MyAir <link to MyAir page>. Vents in each room disperse warm air throughout your home, so nobody’s stuck with the cold bedroom at the end of the house. Want a free consultation for ducted air conditioning in Sydney? Book a free home assessment.


Because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for ducted air conditioning, xchange air can design a system that works for you and your family’s needs. We can supply all major brands as well as a range of controllers from basic through to the high spec MyAir home hubsmart tablet for individualised control.

Solution two: Split system air conditioning

split system air conditioning

If you just need to heat one or two rooms, like a main living space, or a south-facing bedroom, a split system air conditioning unit is a cost effective and efficient solution. xchange air can supply and install split system air conditioning across Sydney. Contact us to find out how we can help you.


We can help you decide between the various split system styles – high wall, bulkhead, ceiling mount and floor console, and design a system that works for your family’s needs. We can also connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit, which is great if outside space is at a premium.

Roof Ventilation Heat Exchange

Solution three: Heat transfer unit

Do you already have a log burner, flued gas heater, air pellet fire or multi fuel burner? We can help you to make the most of the heat produced and distribute warmth more evenly through the home. By drawing warm air from the room where your primary heat source is into the ventilation system in the roof, we can distribute warm air through the home to other areas such as bedrooms. You get a toasty warm home, not just one hot room, but with only a single heat source to run, saving money on your heating bills. Book a free home assessment to find out if a heat transfer unit can help you heat your home more efficiently.

Home Ventilation Benefits


Combining air conditioning with a home ventilation system can be a powerful answer to your home’s heating needs. Smart home ventilation can harness radiant heat recovery, reduce the amount of work your heating system needs to do, and cut down your energy use – so you aren’t getting heated up by heart-attack inducing bills!


Here’s some of our favourite reasons why home ventilation is so hot right now:

Controls condensation, eliminates mould and mildew, and reduces odours

Fresh, filtered air means a drier and healthier home

Helps control allergy and asthma symptoms by reducing triggers like pollutants, dust mites and mould spores

Options for almost every home – even those with no roof cavity

Better security – you can now keep your doors and windows locked

Sub floor ventilation prevents against termites and warping floor boards

Helps your air conditioning work more efficiently, and keeping cool with air con can prevent heat related illness and deaths

Fewer insects and parasites entering the home.

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