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At xchange air we specialise in providing a total solution for poorly ventilated houses.

Xchange Air was started in 2003 by Martin Haley – a true leader and advocate of this industry. Martin has been in the home ventilation industry since 1997 and has built this cutting edge professional business through his in depth knowledge of the industry, his honesty, integrity, using only top quality products and recruiting only the very best to join his team in sales, admin and installation.  In fact his team of installers are so meticulous with their work and how they leave a home after the completion of the installations that we so often get emails thanking us for our neatness of work.  With 87% of our lives spent indoors, the need for a quality indoor environment is vital for your long term health and wellbeing.  Mould related illnesses alone affect almost 5 million Australians every year.  As a family man and father of two young children himself he knows the importance of creating a healthy environment for children and families to live in.


Understanding the basics and being honest to our clients at all times.  What is mould?  What creates musty smells?  Why do some house have worse damp issues than others?  What is mechanical sub floor ventilation? What are Positive Pressure Systems?  What are Positive Input Systems and how can these really help improve the air quality in our homes? 

Did you know we can produce up to  30 litres of moisture every day in our households from showers, washing, breathing and steam from our cooking?  Moisture rises from ground level in many houses. Combine this with moisture already in the air – and you have a titanic recipe for mould growth and increased dust mite populations. Mould and mildew, harmful bacteria and viruses all contribute to long term health issues which can seriously impact on your quality of life. 


A lot of current methods of mould removal or mould cleaning are only what we call a band aid solution. Your house may look clean, however the underlying problem is still there.


Our technicians are professionally trained in all aspects, from identifying the source, assessing the issue and working out an appropriate plan of action. We will then discuss the assessment with you with recommendations for permanent solutions.


The xchange air home ventilation systems are without a shadow of a doubt the best in the market place.


Don’t just take our word for it … feel free to talk to any of our existing clients should you want to hear about our service and products and of course please view our testimonials.

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