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Sub Floor Ventilation Sydney – Experience Fresh Air Without Sprays

Sub floor ventilation fixes the root cause of musty smells

Are you going through cans of air freshener like it’s going out of style, or burning candles all day long to try and cover up musty smells? Sub floor ventilation can fix the root cause of musty smells – usually underfloor damp. Fix the damp problems and you can breathe easy in your home with fresh, clean, healthy air, not sickly artificial fragrances.

Sub Floor Ventilation

Fix musty smells with sub floor ventilation

Under floor damp problems are common with many Sydney homes. The great news is that under house ventilation or sub floor ventilation is an easy and cost effective way to manage that damp, preventing damp air and associated musty smells from entering your home.

Using powerful, yet energy-efficient and whisper-quiet fans, we remove trapped damp air from the sub floor, and replace it with fresh air through new or existing passive vents. With the damp air removed, musty smells entering the home is cut off at the source.

home ventilation system

Or you can consider forced air ventilation (our home ventilation system)

An alternative to sub floor ventilation if access is restrictive is forced air ventilation. This is also an excellent system to use in conjunction with sub floor ventilation to create a consistent environment of fresh, dry, healthy air throughout your home.

Air is drawn into the roof space, where it is filtered, and heated if necessary, before being evenly distributed throughout the home. As well as fighting musty smells by distributing clean, dry air throughout the home, this can also reduce heating bills by harnessing radiant heat trapped in the roof space.

Home Ventilation Benefits

Fresh, healthy air should be a given for every home, but for many homes, an unhealthy environment can lead to a range of serious health problems. Home ventilation can help you to keep your family thriving.

Here’s some of our favourite reasons why home ventilation is the breath of fresh air your home needs:

Controls condensation, eliminates mould and mildew, and reduces odours

Fresh, filtered air means a drier and healthier home

Helps control allergy and asthma symptoms by reducing triggers like pollutants, dust mites and mould spores

Options for almost every home – even those with no roof cavity

Better security – you can now keep your doors and windows locked

Sub floor ventilation prevents against termites and warping floor boards

Helps your air conditioning work more efficiently.

Fewer insects and parasites entering the home