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Are you going through cans of air freshener like it’s going out of style, or burning candles all day long to try and cover up musty smells? Sub floor ventilation can fix the root cause of musty smells – usually underfloor damp. Fix the damp problems and you can breathe easy in your home with fresh, clean, healthy air, not sickly artificial fragrances.

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Under floor damp problems are common with many Sydney homes. The great news is that under house ventilation or sub floor ventilation is an easy and cost effective way to manage that amp, preventing damp air and associated musty smell from entering your home.


Using powerful, yet energy-efficient and whisper-quiet fans, we remove trapped damp air from the sub floor, and replace it with fresh air through new or existing passive vents. With the damp air removed, musty smell entering the home is cut off at the source.

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An alternative to sub floor ventilation if access is restrictive is forced air ventilation. This is also an excellent system to use in conjunction with sub floor ventilation to create a consistent environment of fresh, dry, healthy air throughout your home. Air is drawn into the roof space, where it is filtered, and heated if necessary, before being evenly distributed throughout the home. As well as fighting musty smells by distributing clean, dry air throughout the home, this can also reduce heating bills by harnessing radiant heat trapped in the roof space.



Fresh, healthy air should be given for every home, but for many homes, an unhealthy environment can lead to a range of serious health problems. Home ventilation can help you to keep your family from thriving.

Here’s some of our favourite reasons why home ventilation is the breath of fresh air your home needs:

Sub Floor Ventilation FAQs

Subfloor ventilation is about cutting off the source of dampness from being evaporated through floors into your home through mechanical ventilation.

Sub floor ventilation systems are installed when the home has damp issues i.e. dampness, mould, rotting floors, termite infestation and musty smells.  We may install our sub floor ventilation systems in conjunction with some of our other systems depending on the issues you are having in your home. For example we may also install a positive input ventilation system or one of our  full home ventilation systems which helps when houses or apartments also have condensation issues.  We may also install sub floor insulation when we are installing our sub floor ventilation systems as we lose a lot of heat through the floors in our homes and you gain a lot of cold through the subfloor.  This also creates a barrier for dampness in the sub floor. 

If you don’t have the correct cross flow of air it can cause your timber floors to rot out and for you to have a very unhealthy home to live in.
VENTILATION is key to keeping you, your family and your home healthy.
HOME: It’s where we live, relax and are most ourselves.
But your home can also be a source of discomfort and even illness when temperature and moisture variations aren’t kept under control. Dampness can cause health and associated problems, such as mould, bacteria and airborne infection. Dampness promotes insects attacking timber floors and also causes odour problems. A damp house is a cold house and therefore an expensive house to heat. That’s where home ventilation from xchange air can help. Using our state-of-the-art mechanical roof and sub floor ventilation products, we can keep your home mould and condensation free, no musty smells with comfortable temperatures all year round.
Xchange Air are the leaders in the Home Ventilation space in Sydney.  Xchange Air was started in 2003 by Martin Haley – a true leader and advocate of this industry.  Martin has been in the home ventilation industry since 1997 and has built this cutting edge professional business through his in-depth knowledge of the industry, his honesty, integrity, using only top quality products and recruiting only the very best to join his team.  If we are honest there are a couple of installers who have worked for Martin over the years who have wanted to give it a go and gone out on their own.  They have tried to compete with him as many do in businesses thinking that after their time working for him they “know it all”.  We always wish anyone wanting to give it a go out on their own all the best but to let you in on a little secret … Martin may have taught them everything “they” know but he’s most definitely not taught them everything “he” knows which is why he continues to be the leader in this industry 🙂  Oh and our google reviews are all from REAL CLIENTS unlike many of our competitors who make them up with wives, friends and business acquaintances.  It frustrates us to no end when we see this and we are so proud of the fact that our family business has been built on old fashioned hard work, by genuinely caring about what we do and continuing to provide the best service there is to provide. 
Xchange Air continues to install the quietest, most up to date innovative & energy efficient products in the marketplace and with 87% of our lives spent indoors, the need for a quality indoor environment is vital for your long term health and wellbeing.  As a family man and father of two young children himself he knows the importance of creating a healthy environment for children and families to live in.

Call us on 9427 8800 or email us through our website to make an appointment.  Martin who owns the business will come out to your house  to do a free home assessment and quote.  Every home is different and every system is designed individually for every install that we do.  No house is the same so no system can be the same. Care and time is taken to do a thorough on site assessment (please never accept a quote from someone who has not been out to your house in person.  To assess correctly and quote correctly as a certain number of air changes per hour needs to be calculated to get the correct sized fans and number of fans, outlets etc that you need to fix the issues you are having in your home). You will then be provided with Martin’s full assessment, a plan so you can understand exactly how the system will look once installed and the quote.   Martin is available to answer any questions you have so you totally understand what and how is being installed and how this will help fix the damp issues you currently have in your home. We understand that this is a financial investment and we want you to be completely aware of exactly what you are getting for your money and how it’s going to help fix the issues you have in your home.   Do not accept band aid solutions! Make sure you background check anyone you are getting quotes from (are they licensed?  Do they have the correct insurance? Have they been under your house to inspect what is happening in the sub floor space?  Have they given you a plan showing exactly how the system is to be installed? Are they experts in ventilation or are they jacks of all trades and call themselves experts – please note here that things like rising damp and sub floor damp are two very different things and just because you are a rising damp expert does not mean you are a sub floor ventilation expert – experts stay in their own lanes of expertise!)   After careful consideration, should you wish to then go ahead with our quote,  one of our wonderful installers (who have all been trained by Martin himself) will come onsite to do the installation which is done exactly to Martin’s plan so you can then see it for yourself once the installation is complete. Most sub floor ventilation installations are able to be done within the day. 

Dampness can cause health and associated problems, such as mould, bacteria and airborne infection. Dampness promotes insects attacking timber floors and also causes odour problems. A damp house is a cold house and therefore an expensive house to heat. That’s where home ventilation from xchange air can help. Using our state-of-the-art mechanical roof and sub floor ventilation products, we can keep your home mould and condensation free, no musty smells with comfortable temperatures all year round.

The running cost for in-line fans are approximately $50 to $250 per year – depending on the size of the fan we install

No general maintenance is required for the in-line fans once installed

A subfloor ventilation system extracts damp air from your home which intern allows dry fresh air to enter the areas under your floor. It is installed within your subfloor space and prevents excessive moisture from making its way inside your hom

They are typically installed in the external wall to allow airflow for the sub floor area.

Sub floor fans remove damp trapped air from under your house and introduce fresh air through either existing or new passive vents. By cutting off the source of moisture, mould and mildew problems are stopped, with the added bonus of protecting your timber floo

Fans can either be wall mounted or suspended from timer floors. Ducting can be run into the different chambers of the sub floor to exhaust these areas.

Average between $2,500 – $4,500 depending on the size of the house and the volume of space that needs to be ventilated.

The installation of mechanical fans to move the air rather than relying on wind to move air in the sub floor.

Depends on the volume of the area we are trying to ventilate

The ground under the house being damp causing musty smells in the house, mould, termite prevention and protecting your timber floors.

ub floor ventilation building regulations? You must have a certain amount of mm of open vent space per lineal metre of wall.


Does sub floor ventilation work for timber floors? Yes absolutely!


Does sub floor ventilation work with concrete slab? Only if you’re getting condensation on a suspended slab

Does sub floor ventilation work for brick homes? Yes absolutely! The majority we work on are double brick homes that form chambers all over the sub floor.


Does sub floor ventilation work for weatherboard homes? Yes. Usually if the sub floor perimeter has been enclosed then it would need ventilation.

Does sub floor ventilation work? Yes, mechanical sub floor ventilation works because it creates the cross flow of air rather than just relying on wind and passive vents alone.


What are the best sub floor ventilation options? Ducted inline fans.


Are there eco friendly sub floor ventilation options? Yes, there are lower wattage fans available.


Is there solar powered sub floor ventilation options? Yes, there are but they are limited in their capacity.


Do I need subfloor ventilation? Most houses have inadequate sub floor ventilation.

Can I DIY install subfloor ventilation myself? Yes, we do have some low voltage products that can be installed but we highly recommend a licenced professional because if they are not installed correctly they will not work efficiently.


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