Cool your home during summer with effective Solar Roof Ventilators


During Summer, roof temperatures often surpass 70°C which strongly raises the temperature inside your living space at home. You would often feel this during those hot summer days. SolarArk Solar roof ventilators are designed to efficiently ventilate out the hot heat air within roof spaces and reduce roof temperatures by up to 30°C and room temperatures by up to 6°C! Impressively this is all done with 0 running costs, as the whole fan is solar powered.


What these products do is combine vents to introduce fresh air into the roof cavity and powered fans (we offer both solar powered and mains powered) to extract the hot air from the roof cavity. With these systems dramatically reducing the need to use other cooling systems within the home like air conditioning units, the cost of powering the fans is evened out – or in the case of the solar powered fans, the running costs are negligible.


By strategically placing vents and fans in the right places within the roof space, we can help to lower the roof temperature by 20 degrees Celsius or even more. We recommend placing fans and outgoing vents high in the roof space (as hot air rises), and placing incoming vents low in the roof, ideally under the eaves out of direct sunlight, to draw in cooler air.

Solar Roof Ventilator Application


Homes, Cabins, Workshops, Factories, Warehouses, Animal enclosures, Sheds, Schools, Halls, Office Spaces.


Tilt panel model recommended for non-north facing roofs. Recommended air intake venting requirements for eaves and soffits is equivalent to the opening dimension of the fan. Not recommended for installation on roofs over 28 degrees due to risk of water ingress. For larger roof cavity, please contact us for recommendations.

solar roof ventilator

Solar Roof Ventilators

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Roof Fans Reduce Condensation Build Up

Fights mould and condensation build-up in your roof space. Reduces the likelihood of mould spores in the roof space that can effect the health and air quality inside your home.



Being totally solar powered, SolarArk solar roof ventilators have a $0 operating cost over the life of the product.



Our fans run quietly using a brushless DC motor and polycarbonate fan blades.



All SolarArk solar powered roof vents (SAV-2.5CF & SAV-2.5GB excepted) come standard with a thermostatic shut-off system. The fan will automatically stop operating when the temperature drops below 25°C*, preserving beneficial roof space heat in the winter months. (*A 2°C tolerance variance is possible in the operating point)


Solarark Solar Powered Roof Ventilator

Roof Ventilators – Cooler in Summer

Solar radiation shining down on your roof causes significant heat build-up within your roof cavity. Summer roof temperatures often exceed 70°C, which can significantly increase the room temperature inside your home.


SolarArk solar powered roof vents are designed to continuously exchange large volumes of air from your roof cavity and reduce roof temperatures significantly. SolarArk solar roof ventilators can reduce roof temperatures by up to 30°C and room temperatures by up to 6°C.