Allergy-proof your home

Allergy-Proof your Home

Allergy-proof your home

Having mould in your home can trigger allergy symptoms for people living in the home. Mould can also be a trigger for asthma, congestion and several other allergy related issues.

Your entire house

A hot and humid house is the perfect breeding ground for both dust mites and mould. Having the correct ventilation means that you can avoid a hot and humid home and therefore avoid mould in your home.

How do you avoid mould?

Mould begins where there is excess moisture in your home. This moisture can appear in many different areas and because of many different reasons.

The most common reasons are around poor home ventilation.

  • Poor room ventilation
  • Poor under floor ventilation
  • Poor roof ventilation

Xchange Air can provide you with an obligation free assessment of your home and how we can improve the ventilation in your home. As part of this assessment we provide you with solutions that ensure you have:

  • Adequate Ventilation – above and below your home
  • Humidity is removed from the home
  • Moisture and dampness is controlled
  • Rising and/or lateral dampness can be rectified

According to a recent NSW Government Health publication – Mould is part of a group of very common organisms called fungi that also include mushrooms and yeast. It is present virtually everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Mould may grow indoors in wet or moist areas lacking adequate ventilation, including walls/ wallpaper, ceilings, bathroom tiles, carpets (especially those with jute backing), insulation material and wood. If moisture accumulates in a building mould growth will often occur. Many different types of mould exist and all have the potential to cause health problems.

Who is at greatest risk of health problems?

People with asthma, allergies, or other breathing conditions may be more sensitive to mould. People with weakened immune systems (such as people with HIV infection, cancer patients taking chemotherapy or people who have received an organ transplant) and with chronic lung diseases (such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and emphysema) are more at risk of mould infection, particularly in their lungs.

How you prevent mould?

  • Adequate ventilation
  • Reduce humidity
  • Control moisture/dampness
  • Prevent rising / lateral dampness


Xchange Air provides you with the solutions you need to Allergy-proof your home and protect those most important to you.

Surface Mould Remover It is through the simple act of having adequate ventilation; you create a safe home for everyone living in it. At Xchange Air, we can also provide you with the product you need to clean any mould from your home. Xchange Air Shop

At Xchange Air, we are the experts in ensuing your home is free of the damp and mould that causes the health issues illustrated above. Contact us today and ensure your home is allergy-proof and safe for everyone inside.

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