Keeping your home airy and warm

Keeping your Home Airy and Warm

Keeping your home airy and warm

During the year we want our home to be very flexible along with our lifestyle. We are looking to keep our homes cool in summer and then warm in winter. A bit cooler in spring and then a bit warmer in autumn, not forgetting that our seasons are not always so clear-cut.

If you have an older home you may be thinking that insulation is the number one thing you are missing! This may not be the simple solution you are looking for. As the vast majority of old homes were built without insulation, this is often where people head as the solution.

Now, you go through the process of insulating your entire home, replacing the windows, blocking drafts etc. You now consider your home to be airtight and you will control the temperature. The problem is that you may have caused yourself more issues than you had before insulation.

Airtight is not right

You think that by creating an airtight environment that you now have done the best thing. Unfortunately, though, this is completely incorrect.

Instead what you have created is a perfect environment for condensation and mould. This lack of ventilation can also lead to health problems like headaches and other respiratory issues. Perhaps more issues than before!

As humans, we need to be in an environment where the bad air can exit and the good air can come in. By making your home insulated you are trapping all the air and the bad air is unable to leave your home. The hot air you are trying to keep in meets the cold air at the windows and you will notice your windows getting damp. (sweating windows)

The Solution

roof ventilationHaving the correct insulation and ventilation for your home is not a one size fits all approach. This is why Xchange Air offers you an obligation free home assessment.

In our healthy home blogs, we aim to educate you about the importance of correct ventilation for your home and for your family. We have personally seen the difference that correct ventilation can have, not only for the home but for the health of your family too.

Our systems are described here in full for you to have a look at and see how they work. As mentioned before, with every home being different, it is the obligation free assessment by us that will show you the difference we can make.

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