Hottest Summer in Sydney

Hottest Summer in Sydney

Hottest summer in Sydney

According to all the recent news reports, the heat we have experienced in Sydney has been unprecedented.

Sydney’s Observatory Hill, at The Rocks, has recorded nine days of temperatures 35C and above, equaling the previous record set more than 120 years ago in the summer of 1895–96. The area also recorded its warmest January ever for average maximum, minimum and mean temperatures.

Hottest Summer in Sydney Hottest Summer in Sydney

Western Sydney-siders may scoff at the whinging of those in the city’s East, having set records for the number of days with above 40C weather this January.

Those in Richmond have battled seven days above 40C so far, with that figure expected to rise this week with three more days and a top of 44C. Penrith also experienced 23 days of above 35C weather and eight days that hit above 40C.

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