condensation on windows

Get rid of condensation on windows once and for all

Get rid of condensation on windows once and for all

Dry, clean, healthy air all day, every day


We know, dealing with condensation in your home is a massive pain. Especially in winter when you’ve got the heating pumping, you’re trying to dry clothes on racks inside the house on rainy days and the tumble dryer is getting a workout. Condensation on windows is especially a problem for homes that are using log burners or gas heating systems in the cooler months, as these tend to create extra moisture within the home.

But the good news is that there is a product that actually does reduce – or for most homes, even eliminate – those tell-tale signs of condensation on your windows every morning when you wake up. It’s called positive input ventilation and it’s a game changer.

Yes, I (Michie, Xchange Air’s general manager) was skeptical too. When Martin started telling me all about positive input ventilation systems, my eyes started to glaze over. “Sure, sure,” I thought. I honestly didn’t believe that they’d be as good as he was saying and thought he’d swallowed the manufacturer’s marketing hype – hook, line and sinker.

The proof is in the (clear and dry) windows

But because I was so doubtful, I wanted this system installed in our home. I thought, “If we are going to sell these positive input ventilation systems for helping clients manage condensation, I need to know that they work.”

Well, I was quite simply blown away. In the two years since we installed the positive input ventilation system, we honestly have not had one drop of condensation in the house. Yes, no more waking up in the mornings to find condensation on windows. Even in the middle of winter when the house is closed up and we’ve got the clothes dryer running or are cooking up soups and stews in the kitchen, there’s no traces of condensation.

Everyone’s breathing easier

The other massive benefit of a positive input ventilation system is cleaner air in the home. Our son has terrible dust mite allergies and was always waking up through the night with breathing problems.

A positive input ventilation system is great for managing dust mite allergies because it lowers humidity throughout your house. This helps to create an environment where dust mites can’t thrive.

Since installing the positive input ventilation system, the change has been incredible. He now sleeps normally throughout the night because he can breathe easily – and as well all know, a well-rested kid is a well-behaved kid, so it’s had a fantastic knock-on effect for his quality of life at both home and school.

Window condensation

How it works

Positive input ventilation is a whole house ventilation system. Unlike targeted extraction fans in wet rooms like the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms, it operates throughout the home. Fresh, filtered air is pumped at a continuous rate. And with no need to remove walls or go back to brickwork, it’s a really cost-effective solution that can have a big impact on your family’s health.

Are you struggling with condensation in your home?

If you’re sick of waking up to windows covered in water droplets and want to take proactive steps to keep your home dry and healthy, we’d love to chat about how we can help you.


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