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Make your air con work smarter not harder

xchange air is your Sydney MyAir stockist


Does your home have those pockets where the temperature is never quite right? Or is the zoning for your ducted air conditioning mean that you are sometimes needing to heat or cool rooms unnecessarily? Now as Sydney’s MyAir stockist, we’re able to provide a solution that can help you to target your air conditioning use, get more efficient performance, and save money on your operating costs. If that doesn’t make you feel more comfortable, we don’t know what will.

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What is MyAir?

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MyAir is a smart tablet-based control system for your home, including your ducted air conditioning system. It can enable up to 10 zones, giving you the power to adjust temperature and air flow for every room in the house.


A typical home is usually divided into zones, with each zone made up of several rooms. MyAir means you no longer need to heat or cool rooms that no-one is using, just because your ducted air con system has zoned them with more frequently used rooms. MyAir gives you room-by-room control, saving you money on your operating costs. In addition, motion sensors can adjust the temperature if no-one is in the room for a set period of time, further reducing energy use.


Set preferred temperatures for different rooms, and also create customised scheduling to suit the way your family lives.


But MyAir isn’t just for controlling your ducted air conditioning. It’s a total smart home hub, with options to play music, check your emails, do your online shopping, pay bills and more.


Contact us to find out more about MyAir.

MyAir can be connected to multiple units, making it ideal for two-storey homes or properties with granny flats. It’s also compatible with all the major brands.


As well as installing with new ducted air conditioning systems, MyAir can also be retrofitted to existing ducted air conditioning systems, depending on the system type, age and compatibility. To find out if MyAir will work with your ducted air conditioning, give us a call or book a free home assessment.

Combine with home ventilation for total control

As your complete home ventilation and air conditioning partner, xchange air can come up with a tailored set of products that will maximise performance and efficiency, while minimising running costs for your home. We’ve got Sydney’s most experienced team waiting to help you and provide you with options for your home. Get in touch to find out how we can make your home healthier and more comfortable.

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