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24 Hour 7 Day Digital Mains Timer

This sleek and sturdy 24-Hour, 7-Day Digital Timer has multiple benefits – from delivering energy-efficiency.

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24-Hour, 7-Day Digital Timer

• Compact, easy-to-install, energy-efficient digital timer

• 8 programmable on/off cycles per day

• Auto/manual on/off feature

• Timed or random function option

• Minimum setting time: 1 minute

• 24-hour LCD digital display with seconds timing

• Summertime setting

• Permanent on/off facility

• Maximum load: 13A/3000W

• Rated voltage: 240V

The 24-Hour, 7-Day Digital Timer enables you to use a variety of timed or random functions to programme household appliances. For instance, you can automatically programme some appliances to switch on at night, and benefit from low electricity tariffs at these times. Alternately, you can use the random on/off feature to programme your mains to switch on lights at random durations when you are away from home. This will deter burglars and fool them in to believing that your house is occupied. Additionally, 8 programmable on/off cycle per day on the 24-Hour, 7-Day Digital Mains Timer allow you to easily program an appliance to switch on/off at specified durations times during a 1-week period, over individual days or across a combination of days.

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