Roof Ventilation Sydney

Why you need Roof Ventilation

Why you need Roof Ventilation.

Living within the Sydney metropolitan area we are pretty lucky with the weather that we get. That said, not all home are perfectly positioned and built to suit both their location and the weather.

Not all homes have been designed with correct aspects, cross ventilation or materials to keep your home fresh and healthy. The simple fact is that without great roof/home ventilation you will experience a hot home in summer.

Our Sydney temperatures mean that your roof space will easily exceed 50 degrees. While this is great for winter to keep your home warmer, summer is not so pleasant. Especially when you are trying to relax or get to sleep.

Example 1:

Many of us own or have been to a home where the upstairs is particularly unbearable. Often this is where the bedrooms are and so of an evening, sleeping can be a struggle. Or you may have to have an air conditioner running all night, which can be very expensive.

Why you need roof ventilation

Example 2:

What about condensation – do you have a wall, ceiling, window or whole room that is constantly damp? You may only notice this during the cooler months.

Why you need roof ventilation

At Xchange Air, over the past 20 years of inspecting homes for heat is that when the roof get to this high temperature it acts like an oven element. This then heats your ceiling transferring the heat into your living space from the roof void.

Our customers have told us that when the Government insulation scheme was running, and they insulated their ceiling with bats, it actually made the home hotter! Not really what you hope for when you put in insulation!

The reason for this was heat being absorbed through the North facing windows and doors it was then being trapped inside the home.

Xchange Air specialises in ensuring you have an ideal flow of clean air throughout your home.

Cutting your cooling and heating costs can be as simple as having the right ventilation system for your home. You can’t loose just by getting a Free Home Assessment we can save you money and your health, long term. Both these above examples can be rectified with the right ventilation system installed.

Roof ventilation is just one aspect of home ventilation and it is one that can easily be illustrated with a few questions.

  • Is your home too hot?
  • Are you spending a lot on electricity, running air conditioners?
  • Do you think that no roof cavity means no ventilation? We can fix this!
  • Is having a home filled with fresh air important to you?
  • Does anyone in your home have allergies or asthma?
  • Do you realise that the input of filtered & dry air will eliminate condensation issues?
  • Do you want your home to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter?

Now, let’s list the benefits of home ventilation overall.

  • Controls condensation, eliminates mould, mildew & odours
  • Enjoy a fresher, drier, healthier home – Breathe easy with fresh filtered air
  • Relieves allergies and asthma
  • Reduces air conditioning reliance and cost $$$ (more money in the bank)
  • Heated systems – why introduce freezing air during winter
  • A system to suit almost every home – even those with no roof cavity
  • Better security – you can now keep your doors and windows locked
  • Sub floor ventilation reduces dampness under the floor and internal rooms
  • Protects against Termites

Hopefully reading this blog helps to illustrate how we can improve your lifestyle, home health and ultimately your personal health.

Book a free assessment today with one of our ventilation experts.

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