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Say goodbye to living in an uncomfortable home

Split system air conditioning for all your heating and cooling


Can’t get the temperature in your home right? Sick of living in an oven or an ice box?
Reverse cycle air conditioning is the answer, with split system air conditioning an
affordable option both for installation and ongoing running costs.

aircon for the home

Split it up

split air conditioning

A split system is perfect if you only need to heat or cool one or two rooms. xchange air takes the time to assess your home and how your family lives to help you choose the right system. We can supply and install all the major brands, ensuring you’ll get an air conditioning system that suits your home. Book a free home assessment to find out what options are available to you.


Split systems have two components, the first of which is an indoor unit with four basic styles available: high wall, bulkhead, ceiling mount and floor console. This is paired to an outdoor unit which can be fitted to a wall on brackets or on the ground, and can be up to 20 m away from the indoor unit. It’s also possible to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit, which is ideal for apartments or other homes where outside space is in short supply.


Split systems are simple to operate – a remote control allows you to easily control the temperature in your room and the system works quickly and efficiently.  Split systems are affordable and quick to install.  Most systems have a built in air purifier keeping out dust and allergens.  We supply all major split air conditioning brands.

Split System Air Conditioning

split system air conditioning north shore

Keep cool in summer and warm in winter with a highly affordable and highly efficient split system air conditioner in your home. For all year round comfort in your home contact Sydney’s leading home ventilation company now.


Not sure what’s going to be right for your home? Not a problem. xchange air offers a free home assessment and will design a system that works for you and your family’s needs..

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Ultrafan Sub floor ventilation
UF6 Ultrafan Sub floor ventilation fans kit 24v (1 fan)
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