UF6K-2 fan Ultrafan 12 Volt Ducted Sub Floor Ventilation – 2 Fan Kit


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Ducted Sub Floor Ventilation – 2 Fan Kit 12v UF6K-2


This system is designed to exhaust damp trapped air from the sub-floor and introduce fresh air in through existing or new passive vents. Ultrafans are run off a 12 volt transformer and timer run 9am to 9pm

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Easy Handy man, no licence required. Fan is fitted into external wall and ducting is connected and suspended to under side of floor to draw air from centre of the area to be ventilated. The timer and transformer are plugged into a power point above floor and a small hole is drilled in floor for wire.

Running costs

$10 per year (1 fan)


W: 270mm x D: 200mm x H: 220mm (cut out W 240mm x H 175mm)


Exhausts approximately 11600 Litres per minute, this will cover 140m3 (width x depth x height) of open space to give 5 air changes per Hour.

Purchase Costs (includes GST)

Includes 2 Fans, 1 timer, 1 transformer, 10m wire and 2 x 6m of 150mm ducting

Optional Extras

12 volt wire, 150mm ducting and passive vents

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