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We have searched the world for a
top range of Home Ventilation Products…

Over a 17 year period we have designed and searched the world for a range of products that are the most advanced, economical, quietest and of the highest quality and manufacturing standards so we can provide the very best to our customers.

We have a range of acoustic low profile mixed-flow-in-line fans that produce low noise when in operation.  They do this through a specifically designed perforated internal skin that directs sound waves produced inside the fan to a layer of sound absorbent material.

Home Ventilation Solutions For..


Sub floor damp creates issues of mould and mildew inside the home



A home wet from condensation can cause mould


We all love the sunshine but nobody likes their home becoming a sauna


We love cold drinks but nobody likes their home to become a refrigerator

xchange air Home Ventilation Products

Sub Floor Ventilation:

At xchange air there are a number of sub floor products we install to suit every type, size and shape of home. These mechanical ventilation systems we install will be located under your floor and are there to protect your home from damp musty smells, mould + mildew, termites and help protect your timber floors from the damp ground beneath. Our Ultrafan range of ventilation systems are designed to create a constant cross flow of fresh air beneath your floors to stop the damp, moist air from entering the living areas of your home. Sub floor damp is very common but if you don’t treat it correctly it can have a very damaging effect on people’s homes and health


Essentially the concept of our whole home ventilation systems (PIV) is the introduce fresh, filtered air into the dwelling at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside.


This system is designed to introduce clean, dry, healthy air into our homes. This is the only system on the Australian market that can heat the incoming air if the temperature drops too much.

Subfloor Insulation:

They say that you gain 15% of the cold in your home through a timber floor and you lose 20% of your heat through your floor. Save on your energy consumption and insulate your floors! We use the latest and greatest products! 1) Fibre-free, non-allergenic 2) Helps achieve a 6-star house energy rating 3) Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and; 4) Rodent and insect resistant. Call our office on 9427 8800 to find out more on this and all our other amazing cost saving products for keeping your home warmer, dryer, fresher this winter!

Real Estates or Strata Companies

With over 17 years' experience in the industry and a very strong database of Real Estates and Strata Companies we understand and value the importance of the confidential nature of our relationship with you.


Mould thrives in humidity

Mould requires 70-90% humity to trive which is common in the coast regions of Australia.

“This level of humidity not only encourages mould, it is also conducive to the growth and development of dust mites.8 Indoor humidity levels reflect the atmospheric conditions together with moisture created by occupants’ activities within the home which means that any home may be susceptible to mould.”

“Moisture can also enter a home through leakage, condensation in the wall cavity and damp ground conditions under suspended timber floors. This can lead to mould growth in areas that can’t be seen but can still impact on air quality. “

Gyprock – Indoor Air Quality in Australia White Paper May 2015

Surface Mould Remover
Surface Mould Remover
Bought by Harold from ALLAMBIE HEIGHTS
Total order for $27.00
Fan 24volt motor
FAN UF6 24 Volt Motor + 2 Items
Bought by Peter from Berowra
Total order for $345.00
Ultrafan Sub floor ventilation
UF1-2 Fan Subfloor fan kit 12v (2 Fans)
Bought by Julian from Hataitai
Total order for $630.00
Ultrafan 24 Volt Ducted Sub Floor Ventilation
UF6K-2 fan Ultrafan 24 Volt Ducted Sub Floor Ventilation - 2 Fan Kit
Bought by Marion from Gordon
Total order for $650.00
Fan 24volt motor
FAN UF6 24 Volt Motor
Bought by Darrin from GIRRAWEEN
Total order for $135.00