Is your Home like an Oven? Get Rid of the Trapped Heat

Is Your Home Turning Into an Oven? Beat the Heat with Effective Home Ventilation

Written by In The Cove.


Lane Cove boasts a diverse range of housing styles, from weatherboard cottages to ultra-modern minimalistic designs. However, not all homes are equipped to handle the local climate and its temperature fluctuations. If you’ve ever walked into your home during the day only to find it becoming increasingly unbearable at night, you’re not alone. The trapped heat, especially in older homes like Californian Bungalows, can make sleep a challenge. This article explores how to address this issue and keep your home comfortably cool, even during the hottest Sydney summers.

Understanding the Heat Challenge

Sydney’s soaring temperatures can wreak havoc on your home’s comfort. Even with insulation, your home might feel warmer as the trapped heat remains inside. Heat infiltration can occur through north-facing windows and doors, and it accumulates in your roof space. The roof acts as an oven element, radiating heat to your ceilings and then into your living areas. The solution? Effective home ventilation, including roof and attic ventilation fans.

Expert Insight: We recently spoke with Martin Haley from Xchange Air, a Lane Cove-based expert in home ventilation, subfloor dampness, mould, and condensation control. With over 20 years of experience, Martin and Xchange Air specialise in providing holistic solutions for poorly ventilated homes.

Expert Tips to Beat the Heat

Here are some actionable tips from Xchange Air to combat trapped heat in roofs and attics:

  1. Install heat exhaust fans triggered by thermostats to expel trapped heat into the roof and atmosphere (cooling the roof void faster).
  2. Opt for correctly sized attic and roof ventilation fans – size matters!
  3. Consider insulated curtains or heat-reflective blinds for north-facing windows and doors.
  4. Install awnings to shade north-facing glass windows and doors from direct sunlight
  5. Apply heat-reflective film to north-facing glass windows and doors.
  6. Enhance insulation with products like bats or foil in the roof void.
  7. Incorporate Xchange Air night cooling fan ventilation to draw in outdoor air and flush out trapped heat overnight.


Xchange Air’s Expert Solutions

Xchange Air offers mechanical home ventilation solutions to remove trapped heat from attics and roofs. The thermostatically controlled fans activate when temperatures rise, enhancing the effectiveness of air conditioning while reducing energy consumption. This comprehensive approach includes solutions like roof and room ventilators and Positive Input Ventilation, which continuously circulates fresh, filtered air throughout your home.

Expert Insight: If trapped heat is plaguing your home, consider booking a free home inspection with Xchange Air. DIY ventilation products are also available on their website.

Beyond Summer: A Year-Round Comfort Solution

Xchange Air isn’t just focused on summer solutions. Their expertise extends to enhancing winter living conditions too. Damp and mould don’t have to be winter companions. Discuss Xchange Air’s array of home ventilation solutions, including subfloor options, to improve your home’s year-round comfort.

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