Why you need roof ventilation

Fight the annual winter mould attack

Why is it that condensation and general dampness gets so much worse in winter in our homes?

The easiest way to explain this is that there is generally a vast difference between the inside temperature and the outside temperature. It is this difference that tends to cause condensation and ultimately mould in our homes.

With the onset of cold weather, we tend to put on the heaters in our homes which heat up our homes far more than the outside. We then close everything up, block any draughts and lock everything down to keep this heat in. Now we have closed up homes without any ventilation and think that this is the best way to keep ourselves warm in winter.

Now we have the heater going or a fire burning and then shower, cook, dry washing and live our lives – this causes there to be moisture in the home. It is this moisture that becomes condensation and ultimately mould around our homes. You may see your windows fog up or get condensation and wet. What you may not see is the walls getting damp, wardrobes, stored items and more that are damp during this time of year. You will, however, notice the mould that appears on your walls, windows, cupboards and more due to the lack of ventilation in your home.

You can combat this, and at Xchange Air, we have 2 methods available for you and your home. After reading the below information it is vital that you arrange an obligation free home assessment with us. It is from this assessment we can advise you on your home and any specific issues that you may be having and what will be the best solution for you and your family.

Every home and every family are different so we like to ensure that your needs are met with our obligation free assessment.

Have you heard about Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)?

Xchange Air is your local Sydney based experts in this area.

As we are passionate about what we do we also have a 2nd type of system that just happens to be the only one of its kind in Australia. The second system is Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) which can heat and filter the incoming air and provide you with clean dry warm air without the issue of condensation.

Solution 1


roof ventilation The concept of our whole home ventilation systems (PIV) is the introduce fresh, filtered air into the dwelling at a continuous rate, encouraging the movement of air from inside to outside.

To achieve this, the unit is mounted within the roof space, drawing air through the filters and inputting it, at ceiling level, into the property.  The units are fitted with an internal temperature sensor which continuously monitors the temperature of the roof, boosting the air volume when the roof temperature is above a set level (heat recovery mode).

If the roof temperature becomes excessive the unit will switch to standby mode (no airflow).  Once installed the airflow can be set to suit the house size and if required the way it responses to the temperature changes within.

We also have another exciting PIV product that in the same way as above it is designed to take fresh air from outside clean the air, warm it (if fitted with heater) and discharge it into the central hallway.  The advantage of this system and the way it can be installed is that it’s perfect for units, apartments and houses with no roof space.

Solution 2


This system is designed to introduce clean, dry, healthy air into our homes. This is the only system on the Australian market that will evenly heat the incoming air if the temperature drops too much, thus leading to a much more consistent environment. The introduced filtered and dried air will fight mould and mildew problems in the home, leaving a clean and healthy environment for the entire family.

Contact us for a FREE home assessment from one of our ventilation experts to deal with damp problems in your home.

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