Surface Mould Remover

Remove Mould and Mildew from any Surface

How to remove mould and mildew from any surface!

Do you have mould and/or mildew and need to remove it? 

More importantly – you need to ensure that you prevent it growing in the first place. The task of preventing mould and mildew is not always that simple. You can do many things yourself to help but the only true solution is to call in professionals. Xchange Air offers a Free Home Assessment so you can prevent it growing in your home.

Home Ventilation Benefits

  • Controls condensation, eliminates mould, mildew and odours
  • Enjoy a fresher, drier, healthier home – Breathe easy with fresh filtered air
  • Relieves allergies and asthma
  • Reduces air conditioning reliance and costs
  • Heated systems – why introduce freezing air during winter?
  • A system to suit almost every home – even those with no roof cavity
  • Better security – you can now keep your doors and windows locked
  • Sub floor ventilation reduces dampness under the floor and in internal rooms
  • Protects against Termites

So now you have prevented it – How to remove the mould and mildew from any surface!

At Xchange Air, we have a number of products available in our online shop for mould removal.

Surface mould remover shop online

With the Xchange air Surface Mould Remover, you can simply spray it on any surface to remove mould. There is no need to pay for expensive mould cleaners, you can do it all yourself; it’s extremely easy to use.

Get Rid Of

  • Mould and mildew
  • Remove spores so that the mould does not return
  • Eliminate bacteria on surfaces


This product uses 100% natural Australian essential oils. This means that, unlike other cleaning products, it will not cause damage to your property when applied. It will safely remove the mould so that you can be stress-free.

Mould Eliminator

Exceptionally Safe Mould Removal – Mould Eliminator shop online

If you find you are using a lot of damp removing products and still getting mould!

  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Eliminates mould
  • Eliminates bacteria
  • Safe for you, your family and your pets
These products will remove mould and bacteria in your indoor air space ensuring that you breath clean air.
In your home, you can place it on any surface.  For example – hallway tables, window sills, desk, bathroom shelf, wardrobe, next to kitchen bin, inside air-conditioning return(ducted system) or on top of a split system.
In your office, similarly, it can be placed on your desk, shelves, kitchen area, toilets, on top of split systems or inside the air-conditioning return (ducted systems).
You can have fresh clean air, all year round.

Some more tips to keep your home drier all year round

  • Allow the sunshine into your home
  • Keep trees trimmed back away from your home
  • Ensure your gutter and downpipes are clean and clear
  • Keep your outside drains clear of dirt and debris
  • If you get condensation on your windows wipe them dry

Conclusion – This blog offers you a lot of solutions for your home and the issues you may be experiencing. Please enjoy reading all our blogs and contact the team at Xchange Air to get a solution for your home and family. We are happy to chat and offer you an obligation free home assessment.

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