Dealing with Mould in your house?

Dealing with Damp smells is easy. Poorly ventilated subfloors is a very common problem in Australian homes. Sub floor damp then creates issues of musty smells inside the home
xchange air have the solutions.

Solution One

Sub Floor Ventilation Fans

This system is designed to exhaust damp trapped air from the sub-floor and introduce fresh air in through existing, or new, passive vents.  Once the subfloor is properly ventilated, the musty smell issue will decrease as the ventilation is cutting off the source of the smell coming into the home.  xchange air also have a second solution which can be used in conjunction with, or alternatively to, subfloor ventilation fans.

Solution Two

Forced Air Ventilation

This system is designed to introduce clean, dry, healthy air into our homes. This is the only system on the Australian market that will even heat the incoming air if the temperature drops too much, thus leading to a much more consistent environment.  This introduced filtered and dried air will fight the musty smell problem sin the home, leaving a clean and healthy environment.

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Sub Floor Ventilation Fans

Airflow is created in the house subfloor by a powerful, whisper quiet, inline fan that creates a low pressure system under the floor which draws in drier external air through passive vents and exhausts out the damp trapped air outside the house.

Forced Air Ventilation

Dry, healthy air is introduced to each area of the house by pulling air through a filter, fan heater (if required) and a pure air module then diffusing it into the home. This creates a consistent positive air pressure environment inside the home that is controlled by an electronic control panel.

Home Ventilation Benefits

Controls condensation, eliminates mould, mildew and odours

Enjoy a fresher, drier, healthier home - Breathe easy with fresh filtered air

Relieves allergies and asthma

Reduces air conditioning reliance and cost

Heated systems - why introduce freezing air during winter

A system to suit almost every home - even those with no roof cavity

Better security - you can now keep your doors and windows locked

Sub floor ventilation reduces dampness under the floor and internal rooms

Protects against Termites