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Home Ventilation Systems and Solutions For…

Sub floor damp creates issues of mould and mildew inside the home


A home wet from condensation can cause mould

We all love the sunshine but nobody likes their home becoming a sauna

We love cold drinks but nobody likes their home to become a refrigerator

Our Products and Services

Sub Floor Ventilation

This system is designed to exhaust damp trapped air from the sub-floor and introduce fresh air in through existing, or new, passive vents. Once the subfloor is properly ventilated, the mould and the mildew issues will decrease as this cuts off the source of the dampness entering your home from this area.


Essentially the concept of our whole home ventilation systems (PIV) is the introduce fresh, filtered air into the dwelling at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside.


This system is designed to introduce clean, dry, healthy air into our homes. This is the only system on the Australian market that can heat the incoming air if the temperature drops too much.

Air Conditioning

Xchange Air installs the quietest, most up to date innovate & energy efficient products. We install most home ventilation products ranging from mechanical sub floor ventilation systems which provides a permanent solution for damp, musty smells and mould issues. We install positive pressure systems which deal with removing condensation from your home by inputting dry, fresh filtered air. We install all wall mounted split systems, multi split systems, ducted air conditioning systems, zone controlled and/or Wi-Fi Controlled Air Conditioning systems.

Real Estates or Strata Companies

With over 17 years' experience in the industry and a very strong database of Real Estates and Strata Companies we understand and value the importance of the confidential nature of our relationship with you.

Do It Yourself Ventilation Packages

We also have a range of 'Do it yourself' ventilation packages. Visit our DIY shop to view the range.

“In 2004-05, 10% of people in Australia reported that they had asthma.  There are a number of factors which may trigger symptoms in people who already have the condition including indoor and outdoor air pollutants), specific allergens (eg dust mites and mould spores) simply by avoiding exposure to these factors will prevent or control symptoms in people with asthma (AIHW 2005)”

– Australian Bureau of Stats


Mould in their homes

35% of Australian households surveyed had experienced mould in their homes


Concerned about mould

82% of these, who were also looking at purchasing a new home or renovating in the next 12 months, expressed concern about the presence of mould


Mould affects health

51% felt that it may have contributed to health issues within the home, in particular allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems


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