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Ultrafan Sub floor ventilation
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UF6 Ultrafan Sub floor ventilation fans kit 24v (1 fan)


Available in 4 colours: White, Cream, Silver or Brown

Availability: 3-5 Work Days

Product Description: 

UF6 Sub-floor 12v Fan Kit

This system is designed to exhaust damp trapped air from the sub-floor and introduce fresh air
in through existing or new passive vents.
Ultrafans are run off a 24 volt transformer and timer run 9am to9pm


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Easy Handy man, no licence required. Fan is fitted into external or internal walls under floor.
The timer and transformer ared plugged into a power point above floor and a small hole is drilled in floor for wire.

Running costs

$10 per year


W: 270mm x D: 200mm x H: 220mm (cut out W 240mm x H 175mm)


Exhausts approximately 5800 Litres per minute, this will cover 70m3 (width x depth x height) of open space to give 5 air changes per Hour.

Purchase Costs (includes GST)

Includes Fan, timer and transformer

Optional Extras

12 volt wire, 150mm ducting and passive vents

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Additional Information

Brown, Cream, Silver, White

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