Solarark Solar Roof Fan SAV30

Solarark Solar Roof Fan SAV30


The SolarArk Roof Ventilator SAV30 is the “big performer” solar powered roof ventilator suited for high extraction applications in large North facing residential homes where they are needed to ventilate large amounts of heat build-up in roofs. The SolarArk SAV30 will automatically extract heat from your roof space with no operating cost due to being powered by the sun with its solar panels. The process can reduce the temperature in your roof by up to 30 degrees and reduce the temperature within your living space by up to 6 degrees. These fans automatically stop operating when the temperature drops below 24°C , preserving beneficial roof space heat in the winter months.

Availability: 5-7 Work Days

Custom install: Contact xchange air for a quote to supply and install (Sydney Metro Area) and call the office on 9427 8800 to organise a quote.

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The SolarArk Solar Powered Roof Ventilator SAV30 is a great value performing fan for ventilating your roof space during Summer when the solar heat will elevate the roof space air temperature and in turn raises the temperature inside your home. The SolarArk will constantly exchange the hot air within your roof to avoid heat build up and in turn reduce the temperature of the roof by 30°C and your living space by 6°C.

The SolarArk SAV30 also will also reduce any mould and condensation build up within your roof space as well as improve the energy efficiency of roof ducted air-conditioning systems as the SolarArk will reduce roof temperatures by up to 30°C – which is where you would find A/C roof duct pipes.

The SAV30 model is best suited for high extraction requirements with its higher airflow rate of 3,150m3/hr. For lower extraction requirements see other models.

Solarark Solar Roof Fan SAV30 Features

  • Compact slim design
  • Brushless DC motor 1000rpm
  • No running costs due to being 100% solar-powered
  • Stainless steel mesh & screw hardware
  • Quiet operation (polycarbonate fan blade)
  • Powder coated steel shroud
  • Airflow: 3,150m3/hr (52.5m3/min)
  • Auto thermostat shut off below 24°C
  • 10 year warranty including PV panel
  • 3 year motor warranty


Solarark Solar Roof Fan SAV30 Specifications

CAPACITY (M3/HR) 3150 m3/hr
DUCT SIZE Non Ductable
WARRANTY The manufacturer offers a 10 year warranty including PV panel & 3 year warranty on motor (conditions apply)


How do Solar Roof Fans Work?

Solarark Solar Powered Roof Ventilator



Base: 570mm x 570mm
Height: 215m
Opening: 345mm