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Ultrafan Room Ventilation 24 Volt Ducted Fan Kit

UF8K TS Ultrafan Room Ventilation 24 Volt Ducted Fan Kit – (Thermostat)


Available in 2 colours: Brown, Silver, Charcoal

Availability: 3-5 Work Days

Product Description: 

Room Ventilation 24v Ducted Fan Kit – UF8K TS (Thermostat)

This system is designed to exhaust internal trapped heat out of a hallway into the roof space. The fan runs off a 12 volt transformer that is wired through an adjustable thermostat to turn it  on/off at a set tempature.

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Ultrafan Room Ventilation 24 Volt Ducted Fan Kit. Easy Handy man, no licence required. The grille is mounted flush into the ceiling it’s then connected by ducting  to the motor which is suspended inside the roof space. The thermostat is mounted on to an internal wall to read the internal temperature.

A power point fitted in the roof space or in a built-in floor to ceiling wardrobe can be used.

Running costs

$10 per year


W: 200mm x D: 200mm internal Grille


Exhausts approximately 5800 Litres per minute.

Purchase Costs (includes GST)

Includes Fan, 12v transformer, thermostat, 1500mm ceiling grille, 5m wire and 6m of 150mm ducting.

Optional Extras

Timer and 6m 150mm ducting.

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Additional Information

Brown, Charcoal, Silver

Roof Type

Metal Roof, Tiled Roof

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