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Air Conditioning Sydney

New Service – Air Conditioning Sydney

Have you always wanted to have air conditioning installed in your home?

Were you unsure about who to contact and who you could trust to advise and install a system to your home?

Are you concerned about summer approaching and how much warmer it is going to be? Average temperatures in Australia have been so much higher in recent times!

The highly experienced team at Xchange Air are now offering this service for you. You may have seen our ads on Facebook!

We are offering both split systems and ducted systems to the Sydney Metropolitan area to complete our business offering. Xchange AireXperts in home ventilation, sub floor damp, mould, condensation control + split & ducted air conditioning. that will improve the way you experience summer (which is on its way) and then next winter, ultimately all year round.

Our aim is to improve the way you experience summer (which is on its way) and then next winter, ultimately all year round and keep your home healthy too.

How to choose

Just like home ventilation, we don’t expect our clients to be experts when it comes to Air Conditioning. The team at Xchange Air are here to answer any and all of your questions and to advise you on the best system for you and your home. Naturally, all homes are different and all households are different, so we will advise you what system will work best in your household. Just contact the team to discuss your requirements and to arrange a quote.

Some questions you may want answeringSydney Metro Area Xchange Air

  • What type of comfort level can I expect in my home?
  • Do I need to cover my whole house or can I just put it in one room?
  • Are the purchase costs going to be prohibitive? Or is this going to be affordable compared to the current methods used for heating and cooling?
  • What are the estimated running costs going to be?
  • Is it going to be noisy inside my home?
  • Will our neighbours find it noisy?
  • Where will the system be located?
  • How reliable is the system going to be?
  • What are servicing requirements for the Air conditioner once installed?
  • Will it be the team at Xchange Air installing my new air conditioner?

The conclusion is simple – contact the team at Xchange Air, have a chat about your Sydney home and how we can provide you with a split or ducted air conditioning system to improve your lifestyle and well-being.

Air Conditioning – Sydney Metro – Upper and Lower North Shore – Northern Beaches – Inner West – Hills – Eastern Suburbs and more.Air Conditioning Sydney Metropolitan

  • Garry
    Posted at 02:18h, 04 October

    Hi Guys, we are looking to build a home soon and working with Architect on plans now. Is there any point getting both the xchange air system for airflow as well as ducted air conditioning or is one better then the other without the need for both?

    • xchange air
      Posted at 08:21h, 18 July

      We have the ability to do a system that does both. Where are you based? If you want to call the office please call 9427 8800 and ask to speak to Martin further about this.

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UF6 Ultrafan Sub floor ventilation fans kit 24v (1 fan)
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